MIPJunior Screenings Library

The world's largest digital library of kids TV programmes


    MIPJunior is the largest international digital screenings venue for kids content, with over 600 buyers attending to screen 1,400 kids programmes, projects and IPs.
    Access full details on this year top screened programmes and top viewed projects as well as key information on the latest in kids programming.

  • TOP 10 viewed projects

    2019 most viewed projects in the Screenings Library

  • TOP 30 screened programmes

    2019 most screened programmes in the Screenings Library

  • How does it work for
    and distributors?

    How does it work for
    and commissioners?

  • How does it work for buyers & commissioners?

  • Starting from end of October 2019, The MIPJunior Screenings Library re-opens for nine months after the show. Keep on discovering the freshest kids’ content from all around the world directly from your work office and contact right holders you might have missed while in Cannes.

  • Step 1

    Before the show

    Step 1 buyers

    Programmes, projects, IPs listed in the print catalogue will be available online before the show so you can playlist the ones that interest you and start screening as soon as you arrive.

    Step 2

    During The Show

    Step 2 buyers

    Screen your playlist and make business deals with producers & distributors. Access screenings reports to keep track of your screening activity and contact right holders.

    Step 3

    After the show

    Step 3 buyers

    The Screenings Library is still available after the show! Catch-up made easy!

  • Key dates

    24 September 2019: Opening of the Screenings Library. Access to the online catalogue and prepare your playlist
    12-13 October 2019: Discover and screen content in the Screenings Library.
    22 October 2019: Opening of the online Screenings Library to catch up after the show

    Screenings Library - Tutorial

  • How does it work for producers and distributors?

  • Starting from early November 2019, The MIPJunior Screenings Library re-opens for nine months after the show. Keep on logging in, access and download detailed activity reports, including the possibility to see and contact those who screened your content.

  • STEP 1

    Before the show

    Step 1 distributors

    Throughout the registration process, purchase content credits and upload your content to the Screenings Library. As soon as September 24th buyers and commissioners will be able to get a preview of the available content and create a playlist to screen once in Cannes.

    STEP 2

    During the show

    Step 2 distributors

    During the show, see how your content perform.
    Log in to the Screenings Library, access usage statistics and identify new business and meeting opportunities with buyers & commissioners.

    STEP 3

    After the show

    Step 3 distributors

    The Screenings Library is available online for buyers & commissioners for 9 months after the show.
    Follow up, continue doing business and check your screening reports regularly to identify new leads.

  • Key dates

    4 July 2019: Opening of the Screenings Library.
    12 September 2019: Deadline for content listing in the Print Catalogue
    Deadline for submitting your projects to pitching & matchmaking sessions
    2 October 2019: Final deadline to submit content and videos in the Screenings Library

    Practical info

    Download the Technical specifications for submitting your content in the Screenings Library

    Register and purchase your credits for the MIPJunior Screenings Library. After you register, you will still be able to purchase any additional programme credits for the Screenings Library. Click through the upsell link included in your confirmation e-mail or by e-mailing Carole Ollerdissen.

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